About Us

Our Pursuit of Flavour

Humble Beginnings

Our Journey to flavour started in 2017 with our passion for cooking, baking and drinking, no… that kind of drinking! Flavour is a huge part our daily lives and we’ve since made it our mission to provide affordable solutions to both businesses and the kitchen at home. Experimenting with flavours during our hobby days became something of an obsession and now we manufacture our own flavours from the ground-up in-house. This means that our flavours are 100% unique to us and we don’t rely on third parties to provide flavour solutions. 

Our experience in flavour creation comes from decades of real-world industry with professional flavour chemists and our products now see use in a wide array of industrial backgrounds but are just as well suited to home baking and cooking. With a huge number of flavours and an unlimited capacity to blend them into complex aromas, we’re the perfect partner for all your flavour needs, whether at home in the kitchen or for your business.