Mega Sweet


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Product Description

Mega Sweet

1% propriatery sweetener blend suspended in water for easy use in E-liquid.

What is Mega Sweet?

Mega Sweet is our sweetener blend made using a type of sweetener not used elsewhere. This solution is extremely potent and more coil friendly than anything else currently available, lending itself to applications in various industries most notably being Elf Bar style flavours. With the advent of pod style devices in this industry, coil friendliness is becoming a major factor in winning flavours and therefore the employment of coil friendly, hyper strong sweeteners is of tantamount importance. Paired with Koolada WS-23, this is a winning formula ready for any flavours you can think of. From summery fruit flavours to all desserts, Mega Sweet adds an edge to flavours that you will rarely find in the market. Used in Drip Hacks range of Pocket Salts which are seeing huge success, mega sweet is an excellent and versatile sweetener for both fruits and desserts.


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