English Strawberry Flavouring

English Strawberry Food Flavouring


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English Strawberry Flavouring For Food

Our English Strawberry food flavouring is a versatile and authentic flavour with near-unlimited applications from home baking to beverages and industrial uses. Strawberry flavouring is one of the most popular profiles when it comes to adding flavour to your recipes, be they cakes, syrups, drinks or more. English Strawberry is a highly sweet flavour with a uniqueness that sets it apart from other varieties of the red berry.

Typically, English Strawberries take longer to grow due to the colder, harsher climate they’re subject to. They’re also less uniform in their size and appearance which is just another effect of the adverse weather conditions which affect their growth. Nevertheless, these conditions produce some of the best tasting strawberries world-wide and they’re highly sought after for their rich flavour.

The history of the famous English Strawberry actually has roots overseas. In the early 19th century, smaller berries were imported from the Americas and cross bred with larger fruits from Chile to produce the incredible English Strawberry we enjoy to this day. It’s thanks to a combination of these foreign berries and our unique climate & fertile soil that the English Strawberry gets it’s powerful and sought-after flavour.

Our lab efforts to produce a replication of this astounding flavour have been fruitful (yes, the pun is intended) and we bring you one of the very best and most potent English Strawberry food flavourings on the market. Other strawberry flavourings have their place in the cupboard as great flavour additives to cooking and baking, but the English Strawberry deserves to be the star of the show.

English Strawberry food flavouring

Freshly-picked English Strawberries

Applications of English Strawberry Flavouring


Instructions For Use

The Flavour Smiths English Strawberry Flavouring is very strong, and in most cases you will only need to use it in drops rather than in millilitres. We typically recommend starting with a dosage rate of around 0.5% & working your way up until you find a suitable strength, for example: 1kg of product will require 0.5g of flavouring in order to provide a good amount of English Strawberry aroma without overpowering the whole recipe. Some trial & error may be required to produce a level of flavour suitable to your needs.

The PET plastic bottles we use for our artificial flavourings feature a thin dispensing nozzle which doesn’t let liquid out unless the bottle is squeezes. This allows careful and precise control over your dosing.

Since our flavourings are liquid – they blend much more thoroughly when first added to another wet ingredient such as milk, water or egg.

Note: when baking & cooking you may need to increase the dose as the flavourings may “flash” out of the ingredients when subjected to high temperatures. Cooking & baking small batches to test just how much you will need to increase the dose will give you a good starting point.

Recommended percentage: 0.5 – 3%

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