Toasted Marshmallow Flavour Concentrate

Wholesale Toasted Marshmallow Flavouring Concentrate


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Wholesale Toasted Marshmallow Flavour Concentrate

A smokier marshmallow with great mouth-feel.

The history of marshmallow flavour is a fascinating journey that takes us back to ancient times. This delightful flavour has evolved and adapted over the years, becoming a popular choice for various uses and gaining cultural significance. In this section, we will explore the origins, adaptations, uses, and cultural impact of marshmallow flavour.

Ancient Origins

Marshmallow flavour can be traced back to ancient civilizations that discovered the joy of roasting marshmallows over an open fire. These early cultures recognized the delicious taste that came from toasting the marshmallow to perfection – crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The process of caramelization during roasting added a unique and desirable flavour profile to the marshmallow. Interestingly enough there is a plant called the Althaea Officinalis whose root’s were used in Ancient Egypt for making confections.

Modern Adaptations

As time went on, the art of toasting marshmallows evolved. Today, we no longer need an open fire to enjoy the delectable taste of toasted marshmallow. With the advancement of food technology, flavour smiths have developed concentrated toasted marshmallow flavour that can be easily incorporated into various products.

Popular Uses

Toasted marshmallow flavour has become a staple in the culinary world. It is widely used in baking and dessert recipes, adding a rich and distinct taste to cakes, cookies, ice creams, and more. The flavour is also popular in beverages, such as flavoured coffees, hot chocolates, and cocktails. It brings a comforting and nostalgic element to these concoctions, evoking memories of cosy campfires and sweet treats.

There are numerous ways to enjoy the delectable flavour of toasted marshmallow. Whether you’re looking to add a twist to your favourite recipes or trying to create your own unique concoctions, here are some fantastic variations to explore:

1. Marshmallow Ice Cream: Indulge in a creamy and delightful frozen treat by infusing toasted marshmallow into homemade ice cream. Simply mix toasted marshmallow flavouring into your ice cream base during the churning process. The result is a rich and velvety ice cream with a hint of smoky sweetness.

2. Toasted Marshmallow Latte: Take your morning coffee to the next level with a toasted marshmallow latte. Add a few drops of toasted marshmallow flavouring to your steamed milk and espresso for a truly indulgent beverage. Top it off with some whipped cream and a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs for an extra treat.

3. Toasted Cupcakes: Elevate your cupcakes by incorporating the irresistible taste of toasted marshmallow. Mix toasted marshmallow flavouring into your cupcake batter and bake as usual. For an extra touch, pipe a swirl of marshmallow frosting on top and lightly torch it to create that distinct toasted flavour.

4. Marshmallow Milkshake: Cool down on a hot day with a refreshing marshmallow milkshake. Blend vanilla ice cream, milk, and toasted  sublime marshmallow flavouring until smooth and creamy. Serve it in a chilled glass topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of crushed graham crackers.

5. Toasted Marsh Pancakes: Transform your breakfast routine by making fluffy toast marshmallow pancakes. Add a few drops of toasted marshmallow flavouring to your pancake batter and cook as usual. The result is a stack of pancakes with a delightful smoky sweetness that pairs perfectly with maple syrup.

Flavour Uses

Dilute Before Use
Recommended percentage: 1-3%

Recommended Steep Time: 6 weeks



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