Tutti Frutti Flavour Concentrate

Wholesale Tutti Frutti Flavouring Concentrate – a carefully blended and nostalgic classic concoction of candied fruits.


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Wholesale Tutti Frutti Flavour Concentrate

What is Tutti Frutti? Responses vary, from ‘candied fruits’ to ‘sweet candies’.
At The Flavour Smiths, we’ve experimented and made our own take on this classic, if somewhat ambiguous flavour.

Essentially, our Tutti Frutti is a very strong mix of chopped and candied fruits, a blend of some of our best fruit flavours.

Increasing in popularity, this flavour is a nostalgic flavour that many people instantly recognise.
At The Flavour Smiths, we have done extensive testing and meddling with the fabric of reality to ensure that this flavour won’t disappoint.

The origins of this classic flavour are shrouded in mystery, however we have found some evidence to suggest it was a popular ice cream flavour in the USA for over a hundred years.

Admittedly, this flavour took a huge amount of work to make it into a nostalgic flavour.
Multiple attempts and vigorous testing were done before we were confident that this flavour would be a winner.

Our flavour has been verified and proved trusted by its use in the flavour industry already, with multiple great reviews and purchases – guaranteeing this flavour’s authenticity.

Tutti Frutti – A delectable blend of Traditional Candied Fruits

It can be argued successfully that tutti frutti is a straight up classic. So why use it in your creations?
Besides the nostalgia, this flavour offers its user a unique blend of classical fruits with slight undertones of bubble-gum.

We recommend pairing this flavour with ice cream profiles and its flavour is greatly altered by the addition of WS-23 which converts it to an icy delight, approaching the traditional description of ‘ice cream’.

That said, you could easily use this flavour to bulk out your other creations and add that instantly recognisable blend of candied fruits.

Recommended flavours to pair this with would include:

As a stand alone flavour it can easily hold its own without the addition of multiple flavours, which is a unique attribute in its own right.
However you want to use this hugely popular flavour, we guarantee you will love it!

Flavour Uses

Dilute Before Use
Recommended percentage: 0.2-0.5%

Recommended Steep Time: 6 weeks



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