Natural Food Flavourings

Discover our range of natural food flavourings created to provide extra strong and authentic flavour for a variety of uses including: baking, beverages, ice cream, cooking, milkshakes, alcohol etc. Each flavouring has a natural component origin so you can experiment knowing there are no preservatives, colouring agents or unwanted chemicals. Our 15ml food flavourings are perfect for your culinary needs and provide a powerful edge to your recipes with just a few drops.

  • Apple


    Crisp & Juicy Apple

  • Butterscotch Caramel


    Rich Butterscotch Caramel

  • Orange


    Strong, Citrus Orange

  • Pineapple


    Sweet & Succulent Pineapple

  • Strawberry


    Ripe & Tart Strawberry

Everything You Need To Know About Natural Food Flavourings

Natural food flavourings are a great means to impart strong and authentic flavour into your bakery, beverages, alcohol & more. With just a few drops you can add almost any flavour you wish whilst knowing the flavour itself is all natural.


Our natural flavourings are very strong, so in most cases you will only need to use them in drops rather than in millilitres. We typically recommend starting with a dosage rate of around 0.15% for example: 1kg of product will require 1.5g of flavouring in order to provide a good amount of the aroma without overpowering the whole recipe. Some trial & error may be required to produce a level of flavour suitable to your needs. 

Our Glass bottles feature a built-in dropper which decants a single drop at a time. You may notice it takes a while for the first drop to fall but following this it will be more regular. Try holding the bottle at different angles to better control the flow of liquid through the dropper cap. 

Since our flavourings are liquid – they blend much more thoroughly when first added to another wet ingredient such as milk, water or egg. 

Note: when baking & cooking you may need to increase the dose as the flavourings may “flash” out of the ingredients when subjected to high temperatures. Cooking & baking small batches to test just how much you will need to increase the dose will give you a good starting point. 

Of course! So long as you do not consume them directly, they are perfectly safe for use in all manner of foodstuff from beverages to ice creams and baking. Observe the maximum use volumes on each product page or refer to each MSDS for further information.
The Flavour Smiths Natural Food Flavourings are free from:

  • Vegetable Oils
  • Gluten
  • Dairy

Ensure you read each product description thoroughly for full information.

The natural food flavourings are only different in so far as the chemicals used to create them have natural origins. For example, the Orange flavour gets it’s aroma from real oranges.

The Artificial counterpart contains the same chemicals but they were instead synthesised chemically, rather than extracted from the real fruiting body.

This difference means they have slightly different applications with the Artificial flavourings providing use for inhalation products such as aerosols, perfume etc.

Our natural flavourings are suspended in Propylene Glycol – a clear, odourless, tasteless liquid which is food-grade. It’s hygroscopic nature (it absorbs water) means it allows the flavouring to mix into water – since the flavouring alone is only oil-soluble. 

It also acts as a preservative which is necessary as most natural food flavourings would expire quickly without it.